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Hire a web developer to manage your website and fix any issues or errors and develop your website performance and interface.

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We have experts in web developing & content creation to manage your business online 24/7.
It helps you with technical stuff for HTML & Wordpress sites
$50 /monthly
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  • Fix
    Errors & Issues
  • Migration
    In less than 24 Hours
  • Updates and developing
    Plugins & Themes & Software
  • optimiztion
    Boost performance
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It helps you with technical stuff & Content creation & Adding new pages
$120 /monthly
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  • Including
    All Starter plan
  • Content of theme
    Edit & Create content of pages
  • Articles for blog
    Add 2 daily articles
  • Add products
    30 product every 72 hours
Its premium plan for managing all business and Launch it online
$250 /monthly
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  • Including
    All Starter & Advanced
  • Articles for blog
    Add 5 daily articles
  • Add products
    60 product every 72 hours
  • Manage
    Full business
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Our technical strategy

Hiring a web developer means that you don’t have to worry no more about fixing errors , bugs and making sure that your website is always updated and developed this helps making your website faster

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Advantages for hiring a web developer

The major advantage for hiring a web developer is to manage all your business from scratch , edit and create content for your website and to add blogs on daily basis to make your website in a proper position on google search

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Why get Web developing Services from Iholytech?

Always on time

We have experts in web developing who can finish their work on time without giving any excuses and without delaying your work.

Full management

Web developer manage all your business from A to Z so you do not need to be worried about your work no more . we are resbonsible tomanage all your work

Easy contact

We don't put any limitations to contact your web developer , you can contact him on Whatsapp or zoom or by using support tickets

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